United States Martial Arts Institute, International

Certifications and Rank Awarding Program 



TAEKWONDO Black Belt Certification & Promotion

(Independent Study Program)


The Institute will issue a TAEKWONDO Black Belt certification for qualification of TAEKWONDO Rank.

To qualify for the Rank Promotion you must be at a level of black belt in any accredited TAEKWONDO organization (except 1st degree black belt applicant).

You may apply for Black Belt Certification, or Rank Promotion in TAEKWONDO by sending the following documents to USMAI.

  • Application (print out from bottom of this page)
  • Resume
  • Brief history of personal martial arts training
  • Copy of your certificate (if required)
  • Video clip or DVD for evaluation
  • Certification fee

  • - Upon receipt of your application, USMAI will review all material for your rank to be awarded.

    - For promotion of your rank, you must provide a Video clip or DVD for evaluation.
    your personal training, and or teaching, coaching, group practice, tournament participation can also be credited)


    Rank Apply

    Certification Fee

    Evaluation for Promotion - Send a Video Clip

    1st Degree
    Black Belt


    Form Koryo

    2nd Degree
    Black Belt


    Form Keumkang

    3rd Degree
    Black Belt


    Form Taebaek

    4th Degree
    Black Belt


    Form Pyungwon

    5th Degree
    Black Belt


    Form Shipjin

    6th Degree
    Black Belt


    Form Jitae

    7th Degree
    Black Belt


    Form Cheonkwon

    8th Degree
    Black Belt


    Form Hansoo

    + Submit double spaced 3-5 pages paper, topic related in Taekwondo

    9th Degree
    Black Belt


    Form Ilyeo

    + Submit double spaced 5-7 pages paper, topic related in Taekwondo


     If you have any question: e-mail to usmai@aol.com


    Application Form

    for print out