World Hosin-Hapkido Federation

Art of Self-Defense


Certifications and Rank Awarding Program 

Dear Fellow Martial Artists:

Thank you for inquiry regarding the Art of Self-Defense Certification. In order to be certified with the World Hosin-Hapkido Federation, you will need to provide the following: 

 1. Application form (download from bottom of this page)
         2. Resume
         3. Brief history of personal martial arts training
         4. Copy of black belt certificate(s)
         5. Application fee (personal check, money order or bank check)
                        a. Instructor Certification    $ 350
                        b. Master Certification        $ 450
                Check Payable to: U.S. Martial Arts

                Send to:   
        U.S. Martial Arts Institute
                                            8524 Burnet Rd. #1226
                                            Austin, Texas 78757 USA

*** Upon receipts of your application, we will review all your documents wether you are qualified       or not. In case, if you are not quite of qulification the Federation will be assign you to       submit a paper to get more credit later.

* Once you became a member of WHHF, your name and rank will be posted on
   our website (Instructors section) to be recongnized by martial artists in the world.

    * Hosin-Hapkido Black Belt rank certification is also available separately if you    desire (Free Evaluation by e-mail) - invited individual practitioner only but you
   are welcome to inquire.



For more details write or e-mail:

U.S. Martial Arts Institute
8524 Burnet Rd. #1226

Austin, Texas 78757  USA



Application Form
for Print out


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