World Hosin-Hapkido Federation

Art of Self-Defense

Certifications and Rank Awarding Program 

The Federation functions administratively and practically as an independent organization. This goals and objectives are: to promote personal defense and safety program; to research self-defense techniques of all martial arts styles; to develop programs and course for educational institutions throughout the world; and to produce and recognize qualified Hosin-Hapkido (Art of Self-Defense) Instructors and Masters.

Since 1997, membership to the Federation has been limited to qualified, selected black belts. Based on their level, the members are issued either a Instructor Certification (for 1st to 3rd Dan Black Belt in any qualified martial arts) or Master Certification (4th Dan Black Belt and above).

If you are interested in joining this Federation but you are not sure which level of certification you are in, you are encouraged to contact us by e-mail with your information.

1.      Ranks in martial arts including the organization

2.      Summary of your personal martial arts experience and background

Upon receipts your information, the Federation will review your qualifications and experiences, and consider whether to invite you a member.
(The membership in only available for individuals, and there are no group or institutional membership.)

Thank you for inquiring about our Federation,

Daeshik Kim, Ed.D., Sc.D., Ph.D.
10th Dan in Hosin-Hapkido
9th Dan in Taekwondo
9th Dan in Judo
The Founder, Honorary President


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