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Dr. Daeshik Kim

          Grand Master San Yoon   &   Dr. Daeshik Kim


The United States Martial Arts Institute (USMAI) was founded by Dr. Daeshik Kim in 1976 in Austin, Texas.

He established the Institute with an Educational Martial Arts Programs.

Great Grand Master Kim (Ed.D., Sc.D.) was involved in the martial arts since 1948. He holds a 10th degree black belt in Hosin-Hapkido, and 9th degree black belts in both Taekwondo and Judo.

Considered as one of the three Judo masters and one of five Taekwondo masters who pioneered these martial arts in the United States. Dr. Kim was the first person to introduce Martial Arts-Sport into the educational system in Georgia, and he contributed greatly to the development of the martial arts in the southeastern United States.

In addition, he wrote over 30 books about martial arts, philosophy, and education.
Recently he published the "Way to Go" which book contains educational martial arts philosophy.

Grand Master San Yoon

                            Grand Master San Yoon

Grand Master Yoon (M.SS), former president of the World Taekwondo College, joined to the United States Martial Arts Institute and the World Hosin-Hapkido Federation in 1997. His mission was to develop the high quality educational martial arts curriculums and research for martial arts education.

He holds 9th degree black belts in Taekwondo, Hapkido, and Hosin-Hapkido.
- Masters Degree of Sports Science
- Former President of the World Taekwondo College
- Former President of the International Taekwondo College
- International Referee
- 1988 Seoul Olympic Games Taekwondo Evaluation Board Member

Grand Master Yoon developed a systematic Taekwondo curriculum in 1982 to be used at martial arts organizations , colleges, and universities.
He is currently researching and developing an instructor's manual to be used throughout martial arts educational system. 



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